Moroccan Rug 305 x 193 cm

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An amazingly beautiful Moroccan vintage rug. Gorgeously natural dyed colored rug. Beautiful Aït Bou Ichaouen rug also known as Talsint. These rugs are the most exclusive soft and chic rugs we have in our collection. The most remote of all the Berber tribes, in between the High Atlas Range and the edge of the Sahara. This tribe and their work remained undiscovered by the outside world until the mid 90's.

Talsint carpets are legendary for their vibrant colors and exotic patterns. Woven by women of the tribe, they use bold and striking colors and patterns, which reflect an older North African weaving tradition that is now almost entirely lost.

The beauty of this rugs is that she is timeless and blends in every interior. Or sometimes we say the interior blends with the rug.

Nowadays the Moroccan rug trend is very hot. A lot of designers and stylists use them for their projects. There is no interior magazine you can read without seeing a Moroccan carpet in it. Sites like Elledecor and Apartment Therapy have been showing these beautiful rugs many times.

If you want an unique piece and don't want to get mass produced rug, we think a vintage rug from Morocco is definitely an excellent choice. The rugs will look amazing in any boho-chic environment but also in a contemporary Scandinavian decor.

Adding this Moroccan rug to your interior will give your space an unique touch andsome subtle Moroccan flair. You will always have a perfect beauty. Of course this rug are not only suited for your living room. She will look fabulous and elegant in for example your bedroom or office.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

All the rugs we sell are selected ourselves in Morocco. In order to offer you the most beautiful vintage rugs in good quality.

☆ Size: 305 x 193 cm
☆ Material: Wool
☆ Color:  shades of aubergine, warm red, purple, olive green and more..
☆ Condition: Excellent.  Due these rugs are vintage, these rugs may have some irregularities.
☆ age: 40 - 45 years


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