Moroccan rug 400 x 196 cm Beni MGuild

Moroccan rug

Moroccan rug 400 x 196 cm Beni MGuild

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The Beni M'Guild rugs are thick, deep pile rugs, made for protectionagainst the harsh winters of the Middle Atlas mountains. They are mostly woven by the women of the tribe. The rugs are full of deep colorslike, mauve, warm red, blues, oranges and browns. They were mainly used as sleeping rugs.

All the rugs we sell are selected ourselves in Morocco. In order to offer you the most beautiful vintage rugs in good quality.

☆ Size: 400 x 196 cm
☆ Material: Wool
☆ Color: shades of brown, yellow, black, orange
☆ Condition: Excellent. Due these rugs are vintage, these rugs may have some irregularities.
☆ age: 40 - 45 years


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