Moroccan Tray 86 cm

Moroccan Tray 86 cm

Moroccan Tray 86 cm


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Moroccan Tray 86 cm

Adding a beautiful bohemian chic vibe to your interior will be easy with this amazing and unique traditional Moroccan  tray also called ‘’senia’’. Also gorgeous in a Scandinavian style space, for that ethnic chic touch.

Moroccan Craftmanship

The Moroccan trays were handhammered by great skilled metalworkers and therefore each tray is unique. The skill takes a long time to master.  It takes years before a metal craftsmen can make something more complicated. The authentic technique of making a tray has always been maintained and transferred from generation to generation. Nowadays you see many machine-made trays that are inspired by the authentic Moroccan trays. Thousands are identically machine made. You can not compare these two. The old genuine hand-beaten trays are a signature of the craftsman and unique. The trays have character and a soul. They have a story to tell because they are decades old and were adorned with beautiful patterns.

The trays are a symbol of gathering with friends and family.  A lot of stories were told around the ‘’sinia’’. In Morocco these trays were being and are still being used for serving the famous mint tea or the delicious cous cous.

Styling with a Moroccan Tray

Use the classic Moroccan tray the traditional way for serving drinks and food. When you don’t use it it is a beautiful decorative item in your room. Put the tray against the wall on the ground or on your sideboard or cabinet alone or grouped.

Ofcourse also very pretty as a decorative eye-catcher on your coffee table or side table. Style them with different sizes of candle and tealight holders.  Also a lovely styling idea, gather different styles and sizes of vases and use just a few beautiful flowers. Or decorate your Moroccan tray full with small plants to suit your style, like mini-cacti.

Did you ever thought of a Moroccan tray as wall hanging? It's really stunning! It’s not diffult to hang. At the back there is a small border that you can bend slightly open. A plug and screw in the wall and the tray hangs on the border.

And not to forget your kitchen. Do you want that ultimate chic Moroccan touch in your kitchen counter area? A tray as a decorative item can not be missing. Super stylish when you put multiple trays on the kitchen top or wall shelves.

When you really want to go for a Moroccan lounge style. Create a nice and cozy corner with some poufs and pillows and in the middle on the ground a large tray for your drinks and snacks. The ultimate place to relax and hang out with your friends!

Last but not least. Make a headboard of Moroccan trays. If you want something different. That idea was first seen on our styling photos in 2012. It is a beautiful and ethnic addition to your bedroom. You can also keep it bit more simple by placing one tray against the wall behind a nice little bedside table or stool next to your bed.

☆ Size: +/- Ø 86 cm
☆ Material: aluminium
Due these trays are vintage and handmade, they may have some minor irregularities and signs of use and age, like small repaired and unrepaired holes, fading, spots and stains. We think that these signs give the item that beautiful vintage character.

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